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Fifth Wheel

Spacious and very user-friendly, the fifth wheel trailer is towed using a ‘fifth wheel’ hitch. It's taller than the average trailer and comes with maximum living space, making it the ideal choice for large families. The unique bi-level design raises the bedroom, giving it a distinct elevation. Some trailers have a huge window at the back for a scenic view of the outdoors.

Slide-outs add more space and give it a ‘large home’ feel. The fifth wheel is loaded with amenities for cooking, entertainment, sleeping and showering, making it a very convenient home. Many options are available, ranging from basic comforts to unlimited luxury; pick the one that fits your lifestyle the best. With a fifth wheel, you’ll feel at home, even in the outdoors.


  • Unique bi-level design
  • All the conveniences of home
  • Detachable from tow vehicle
  • Sleeps 1-10 people
  • Light weight version introduced recently
  • Slide-out options available
  • Size 20'-40'
  • Price typically $55,000 to $130,000 new