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Travel trailers are the one of the most popular RVs available to buy. They are affordable and one of the easiest way to be introduced into the RV lifestyle. At Travelhome, you can find a wide range of brands available to buy, sell or trade at the RV Marketplace

Travel trailers are considered a separate towable RV unit that can be towed by a truck, SUV and some cars and crossover vehicles. Unlike the Class C and Class A, travel trailers are lighter, more affordable than motorized RVs and used as a perfect home away from home for families and people of all ages.

Depending on the amount of travel companions, available budget and travel specific needs, travel trailers offer buyers a wide variety of choices to select between models, floorplans, sizes and RV features. Features such as attractive living areas, comfortable bedrooms, spacious baths, user-friendly kitchens, functional offices, warm fireplaces, toy-hauling garages and even rooftop patios are just some features that are available for this type of RV. Explore travel trailers for sale and let Travelhome be your travel trailer dealer and RV Marketplace today!


  • Low price
  • Compact size
  • Additional options available
  • Sleeps 1-8 people
  • Light weight 
  • Lots of living space
  • Size 8'-14'
  • Price typically $19,000 to $33,000 new


Travel Trailer Brands

RV Manufactures such as Dutchmen and Forest River offer varieties of travel trailer models such as hybrid travel trailers, lightweight travel trailers, small travel trailers and compact teardrop trailers. At Travelhome the RV Marketplace, we carry a wide variety of brands and models, everything from luxury travel trailers to budget friendly travel trailers are available for purchase.

Learn about the different RV manufactures and travel trailers for sale at Travelhome:


Keystone - Cougar Travel Trailers

For Keystone, one of this manufacturer's goal is to provide all types of families a safe, comfortable and flexible RV experience with Keystone Cougar Travel Trailers. Keystone lightweight trailers offer a balance between affordability and provinding lots of features. Keystone premium travel trailers offer more features and larger floorplans. Keystone luxury travel trailers are their finest trailers, with enhanced weather protection, the latest technology and much more. Keystone Cougar Travel Trailer series are one of the popular brands available for purchase at Travelhome RV. This brand offers buyers cutting-edge innovation, quality, style and affordability with a variety of layouts and features for all types of campers. The Cougar 1/2 ton model is also another brand available at Travelhome RV and is considered one of Keystone's top selling luxury travel trailer designed for maximum camping flexibliity and it towable by most of today's half-ton trucks.


Dutchmen Trailers - Coleman Travel Trailer

Dutchmen RV provides many different options of lightweight trailers. Coleman travel trailers are small and lightweight trailers that can fit up 2-4 people and it can be towed by an SUV or pick up truck. Coleman light series are lightweight, but heavy on features and durability. It provides features such as powered stabilizer jacks and more storage. Coleman Lantern LT travel trailers sleep 3-8 people. With an aluminum framed construction, these travel trailers are fully insulated and offer an enclosed underbelly to allow camping further into the year. They also offer the latest technology and finishing touches to enhance your RV adventures.


Forest River Travel Trailer

Wildwood, Rockwood, Geo Pro, Vibe and R-Pod travel trailers are some of the models manufactured by Forest River. At Travelhome RV, one recommendation for first time RV buyers, is to start with brands like the Forest River R-Pod travel trailers. R-Pod RVs are known for being compact, lightweight and aero dynamic styling for better fuel economy. As campers gain more experience with the RV lifestyle, families can work their way up to bigger RVs with more features. The Rockwood travel trailer series are more robust travel trailers, with an uniquely strong 6 surface aluminum and fiberglass bonded construction.