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We Are Committed To Your Investment And To You!

How We Take Care Of You:

  • We conveniently fill out all of the necessary financing paperwork right here at the dealership. As authorized signing officers for several chartered banks and financial institutions, it's our duty to thoroughly walk you through your financial arrangements.
  • We explain all warranties in full detail. We also present any extra programs or protection products that you are entitled to so that you can make an informed decision concerning the protection of your new RV.
  • We arrange for your ICBC insurance to be handled right here at the dealership.
  • We complete all legal documentation in a timely manner so that you can start enjoying your new RV as soon as possible.

Need Extra Coverage?

First Canadian Extended Protection Plan

  • Protection in both Canada and the United States
  • Immediate response
  • Coverage for parts, labour and taxes
  • Transferable coverage
  • Reduced deductible
  • Optional guaranteed price rebate
  • Rental, towing, road service, lock-out service and refrigerator contents

These three products use market-leading technology to protect your RV - inside and out -from the harshest conditions.

Paint Protection: Several things can harm your RV's painted surface: UV rays, dirt, salt, moisture and pollutants. This product will preserve your RV's exterior by bonding to the surface and sealing the paint. Plus, you'll never have to use wax again!

Fabric Protection: Whether you're travelling with kids or you yourself are prone to spills, the last thing you want is a permanent stain in your RV. This formula penetrates each individual fiber while still letting it breathe and preserving the fabric's original colour and texture.

Leather/Vinyl Protection: Similar to paint, the sun can slowly erode leather and vinyl surfaces. This conditioner locks in the leather's oils and pigments, protects it from UV rays and allows the leather to breathe.

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