RV Services

At Travelhome, we perform maintenance work on all makes and models, whether you bought your RV from us or not. With RV friendly service bays and licensed technicians, we are committed to providing the best possible service and helping you take your RV back out on the road. Call us with any questions that you have at 604-853-1566, or 1-800-663-7848.

Standard Maintenance

Accessories Installation

Custom Updates & Upgrades

Insurance Claims

Major RV Repairs

And Much More!

Preventative Maintenance Services

We've highlighted our recommended RV maintenance intervals on components that commonly require preventative upkeep.

Proper routine care is essential to keeping your RV in peak condition. Maintenance will extend the life and value of your RV, and help you avoid future expensive repairs or inconvenient breakdowns.

Preventative Maintenance Services